Five Fun Facts About Lee Hyun Woo

Lee Hyun Woo
Moorim School

Lee Hyun Woo leads the international cast of the KBS2 drama, "Moorim School," an action-packed series that combines martial arts with supernatural elements.

In his first major television role since appearing as the second lead in the 2012 SBS series, "To the Beautiful You," Lee portrays Yoon Shi Woo, an idol group member who suffers from inexplicable hearing loss, before enrolling in Moorim School, a fabled institution that emphasizes self-improvement through the practice of magic.

While he continues to act in teen dramas Lee is an accomplished performer who captivated domestic audiences through the hit espionage film, "Secretly, Greatly." 

Here are five fun facts about Lee Hyun Woo. 

1. Lee Hyun Woo is a former child actor, who drew attention through his appearance in dramas like "The Legend."

Lee Hyun Woo debuted in the 2004 KBS series, "Oolla Boola Blue Jang." He garnered positive attention through his portrayal of child roles in "The Legend" and "King Sejong the Great," before receiving acclaim in the school series, "Masters of Study." 

2. He is an accomplished soccer player as demonstrated by his portrayal of Cha Eun Gyul in the 2012 series, "To the Beautiful You.

A member of the celebrity soccer team, FC Avengers, Lee performed his own soccer stunts in "To the Beautiful You." 

3. He previously acted opposite Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Woo Bin.

He appeared opposite Kim Soo Hyun in the blockbuster, "Secretly, Greatly," before taking on Kim Woo Bin in the 2014 crime film, "The Con Artists." 

4. He was rumored to be romantically involved with IU before the K-pop soloist revealed that she was dating indie star, Jang Kiha. 

Lee attracted attention with his appearance in the IU music video, "You and I." The stars went on to become an endorsement or CF (commercial film) couple for the clothing brand, Unionbay. However, dating rumors involving the attractive on-screen couple were dispelled in 2015, when IU revealed that she was dating Jang Kiha. 

5. He recently released his first single as a solo vocalist with Louie of Geeks on "Your Face."

Lee Hyun Woo previously appeared on the original soundtrack for "Secretly, Greatly," with "Ode to Youth" and was featured on the O Broject release, "It's a Lie." In January 2016, he delivered his first solo single with Louie of Geeks titled "Your Face." 

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