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From Ryu Jun Yeol To Seo Ye Ji: Increased Popularity Leads To Vicious Internet Rumors

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 20, 2016 11:13 AM EST


"Moorim School" actress Seo Ye Ji is the latest target of relentless cyber bullying, following her increased popularity as a star of the KBS2 teen drama. 

On January 20, OSEN reported on the harassment of the 25-year-old actress, who has become the victim of slanderous claims and harsh words.

"Seo Ye Ji has been plagued by personal attacks, rumors, and malicious comments, for a long time," said a spokesperson for her agency, Made in Chan Entertainment. 

The extent of the internet harassment led officials at the agency to pursue an investigation with the cyber crime lab, in order to gather evidence against the perpetrators. 

According to the report, the rookie actress started to receive obscene, sexually-explicit messages, following her appearance on the tvN drama, "Potato Star 2013QR3." 

The agency strengthened their response to the incidents of harassment whose severity increased with her burgeoning success. 

OSEN noted that her experience is similar to the situation faced by emerging star Ryu Jun Yeol, prior to the explosive response to his portrayal of Jung Hwan in tvN's hit period drama, "Reply 1988."

On June 18, 2015, C-JeS Entertainment, the agency which represents Ryu Jun Yeol, issued a statement addressing slanderous claims against the 29-year-old actor. 

"Recently, rumors and false written information in relation to Ryu Jun Yeol have been coming up, indiscriminately online," said a spokesperson for C-JeS, in a June 2015 statement. "We are pleased to inform you that this spreading of false [information], blind attacks, offensive and defamatory writings are considered cyber crimes, and as such [we] will react strongly with legal action." 

OSEN concluded the article by examining the growing trend of cyber-bullying and harassment of personalities ranging from K-pop idols, actors to broadcast journalists.

"The level of malicious comments about stars is rising and is difficult to bear," added the OSEN writer. 

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