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'Cheese In The Trap' Organizes A Bizarre Fan Event

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 21, 2016 08:25 AM EST


"Cheese in the Trap" is a popular tvN drama due to its unconventional plot, but the series is the center of controversy, following the announcement of a promotional event that would provide fans with the opportunity to scream profanities or derogatory words at the most disliked characters of the series.

On January 21, the event became a trending topic on Daum, after a report published by Yonhap News illustrated the unusual aspects of the audience engagement opportunity.

The gathering was billed as a gift to viewers, who have supported the adaptation of the popular web toon.

Seo Kang Joon, who portrays Baek In Ho, a former pianist who is down on his luck, was expected to appear, along with the creator of the web comic, Soon Ggi, who would provide autographed gifts to participants. 

Moon Ji Yoon who is Kim Sang Cheol, a bossy senior who is a dubious student, and Oh Hee Joon, who is his archnemesis, were also listed as attendees. 

Park Hae Jin was not scheduled to appear at the cursing rally, as he was expected to lead a fan meeting titled, "Tell Me Your Wish," where audiences would have the chance to share their requests with the rising star. 

Facebook users expressed their disappointment in the event and were dismayed by the treatment of the supporting actors, who were listed on the flier. 

"We hope this event will be cancelled," said Jeon Su Young, in a Facebook comment. 

While the cable program continues to deliver modest viewership, "Cheese in theTrap" has emerged as an international sensation.

According to a subsequent article published on the English-language version of Yonhap News, the dark romantic comedy skyrocketed to the number one spot on Weibo's Most Popular Drama chart on January 18 and also placed third on the Weibo Hot Chart, which measures searches in 24-hour increments. 

Ytree, the production company behind the series, reported that 300 million Chinese-speaking viewers tuned in to watch the drama on January 18, followed by 400 million on January 19. 

Audiences continue to express interest in "Cheese in the Trap" due to Park Hae Jin, who attracted legions of supporters in the area, after appearing in "My Love from the Star" and "Doctor Stranger." 

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