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Im Si Wan's Film Is Number One At The Box Office

BY Julie Jones | Jan 21, 2016 11:39 AM EST


Im Si Wan’s new film was number one at the Korean box office on the first day of its release. The film “A Melody To Remember,” also known as “Thinking of Oppa,” arrived in first place, scoring 22.9 percent of the ticket sales.

According to the Korean Film Council, the film’s first-day ticket sales beat those of Oscar-contender “The Revenant” and “The Good Dinosaur.”

“A Melody To Remember,” which also stars Go Ah Sung and Lee Hee Joon, is set during the Korean War.

Im Si Wan plays a second lieutenant named Han Sang Yeol. He’s a man who is emotionally scarred by the wanton destruction and carnage that he has seen. During his wartime travels Han meets a group of orphaned children who are part of a choir led by Go Ah Sung's character Park Joo Mi. The children are even more scarred than he is, having lost everything and everyone important to them because of the war. Han Sang Yeol feels a strong desire to protect them and helps Park Joo Mi lead them in song. The music lifts their spirits and gives them all hope.

But Han Sang Yeol is only one person and the war continues to rage on around them. Against the odds he continues to do what he can to protect the children.

It’s a touching story but another reason the film may be number one is the star power of both leading actors. Im and Go are both the recipients of several recent awards for both their drama and film work.

In the last two years Im Si Wan won awards for his roles in the dramas “Triangle” and “Misaeng” and the film “The Attorney.”
Co-Star Go Ah Sung also won awards during the last two years for her roles in the drama “Heard It Through The Grapevine” and the film “Office.” Let us know what you think of the trailer:

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