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Six K-Drama Actresses Who Played Lawyers

BY Julie Jones | Jan 22, 2016 09:06 AM EST


There have not been many lady lawyers in dramaland but there are a few worth mentioning. The following six actresses played characters who knew how to work a courtroom.

Park Min Young plays prosecutor-turned-lawyer Lee In A in the legal thriller "Remember." Lee In A always wanted to be a prosecutor to make sure the innocent are protected but discovers that the system is tainted with corruption. Her idealism was misplaced. So she decides to help Yoo Seung Ho as an attorney instead.

It's not the first legal role for actress Park Min Young. She was Kim Myung Min's legal helpmate in the drama "A New Leaf."

Lee Bo Young played Jang Hye Sung in the courtroom drama "I Can Hear Your Voice." Jang Hye Sung chose the law partly because it seemed like a secure way to make a living. She was barely trying. But her relationship with a man who can hear people's thoughts, played by Lee Jong Suk, helps renew her enthusiasm for seeing that justice is done.

Jo Yeo Jung played a divorce lawyer in "Divorce Lawyers In Love." Her character Go Chuk Hee will do anything to win a case and the result of her illegal moves is that she loses her license as a lawyer.  Then she has to work as an office manager for a divorce lawyer who was previously her office manager.

Choi Ji Woo played a divorce lawyer too. Her character Eun Jae in the drama "Can't Lose" is married to another divorce lawyer played by Yoon Sang Hyun. The two married in a hurry and have had a chance to regret how incompatible they are. Their differences could lead to a divorce and they don't miss an opportunity to bicker in and out of the courtroom.

Technically, Baek Jin Hee is a prosecutor-in-training in "Pride and Prejudice" but her department is also tainted by corruption. Her character Han Yeol Mu teams up with a character played by Choi Jin Hyuk to seek justice. Together they manage to rid the department of corruption so she does not have to give up being a prosecutor and go to work as an attorney.

Kim So Yeon's character went to law school in "Prosecutor Princess" but she's more concerned with her wardrobe choices than reading legal briefs. That doesn't mean she's not skilled. In the Korean version of "Legally Blonde," Kim makes an appealing case for dressing for legal success.

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