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'Signal' Kidnapping Incident That Was Not Resolved

BY Christine Han | Jan 23, 2016 12:38 AM EST

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In "Signal" the scenes started with the kidnapping of a elementary school student.

On the first episode of tvN Friday/Saturday episode "Signal" broadcast on Jan. 22nd, the start of the drama showed a true tragedy of a kidnapping and disappearance of an elementary school student that turned into a tragedy.

While Yoon Jung, an elementary school, was heading home, she was kidnapped and the young Hye young (played by Lee Je Hoon) was in shock.  Yoon Jung was Hye Young's first love and he had been the one to witness the scene of the kidnapping incident.

Unlike what the police had thought, the actual murderer had been a woman.  Hye Young went to the police station and wanted to talk about this to people.  Nonetheless, no one listsened to young Hye Young and what he had to say.

In the end, Yoon Jung was found as a dead body and the case was unresolved.

Meanwhile, "Signal" is a scientific fiction drama featuring detectives form the present and a detective from the past who are communicating through walkie talkie.  With that, they resolve mysteries of unsolved cases.

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