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Lee Min Ho Captivates 10,000 Fans During His Inaugural Japanese 'Talk Concert'

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 27, 2016 10:03 AM EST


Lee Min Ho successfully completed his first Japanese "talk concert" on January 25, entrancing an audience of 10,000 with performances of his fan-dedicated tracks including "The Day" and "Thank You."

On January 26, his agency, Starhaus Entertainment, released official photos from the event. The domestic outlet, Korea's Economy, published a comprehensive report of the show titled, Minoz Mansion, in the Star N column.

The 28-year-old Hallyu star took the stage of the Yokohama Pacifico Center for two shows, which were held at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. 

Before embarking on his inaugural Japanese talk concert, Lee took to social media to request questions from his admirers attempted to establish a sense of intimacy with his adoring followers. 

"I think real communication begins with talking," said Lee, in a quote published by the U.K. outlet, BNTNews. "I'll try to prepare get-togethers with fans, more often, so I can continue to have interactions with them." 

During the 150-minute show, Lee engaged the audience through a combination of song and personal anecdotes, providing a candid look at his daily life and his perceptions of his meteoric rise to fame, after nine years as a Korean entertainer.

Minoz Mansion follows the success of "Gangnam 1970," which premiered for Japanese audiences in July 2015, to critical acclaim.

His Japanese appearance follows his January 16 "talk concert" in Seoul, which welcomed 4,000 attendees from Korea, China, Japan, and several other nations. 

Speculation surrounding his next project continues to rise, following reports that he is positively considering a role in an upcoming K-Drama helmed by "City Hunter" director, Jin Hyuk, and "You Who Came from the Stars" screenwriter, Park Ji Eun.

While his status with the project remains unconfirmed, moviegoers will have the opportunity to see Lee, when he returns to theaters in the Korean-Chinese blockbuster, "Bounty Hunters." 


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