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'Law Of The Jungle' Relocates Due To Terror Threat

BY Julie Jones | Jan 27, 2016 10:50 AM EST


According to a report in the Korean media outlet Daily Sports, the variety show "Law of the Jungle" has changed its filming location because of the possibility of a terror threat.

The show was originally scheduled to film in the country of East Timor. But a representative of the program told the news outlet that the location was deemed to be too risky. The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns travelers to avoid East Timor because of potential terror threats due to an unstable political condition.

"East Timor is classified as a location at risk for terror threats," said the show's representative. "We decided not to explore it for our show. Instead, we'll head for the island of Tonga."

The kingdom of Tonga is a Polynesian sovereign state to the east of Australia. With a tropical climate, the island has an environment rich in physical challenges. The premise of "Law in the Jungle" is to ask celebrities to survive in tough environments. It's not always a jungle. The show previously took celebrities to such rugged environments as the Himalayas and Siberia.

This edition of "Law of the Jungle" has two teams, which include both k-drama actors and k-pop stars. The cast includes Seo Kang Joon, Jeon Hye Bin, 2PM's Hwang Chansung, AOA's Seol Hyun, Infinite's Sung Jong, Hong Yoon Hwa, Jota of Madtown, and Sandeul of B1A4.

The first team leaving for Tonga includes Seo Kang Joon, currently appearing on the small screen as the second lead in "Cheese in the Trap." That team leaves at the end of January. The second team includes singer and actress Seol Hyun, who can soon be seen starring in the film "The Murderer's Guide to Memorization." That team leaves early in February. Both teams will complete their challenges and return by the middle of February.

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