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Song Il Gook Would Like To Have A Fourth Child

BY Julie Jones | Feb 11, 2016 08:50 AM EST


Actor Song Il Gook is the father of some pretty adorable triplets, Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se, who appeared with him on the variety program "Superman Is Back." The actor likes his triplets so much, he recently said that he'd love to have another child.

When he appeared on the Lunar New Year special program "Superman X Files," Song, comedian Lee Hwi Jae and actor Uhm Tae Woong discussed the possibility of having more children.

Lee Hwi Jae, the father of twins, said that the fact that his kids were twins gave them a sense of what was fair and equitable.

"When I give one of them something to eat, they ask if the other one can have it too because that is fair," said Lee.

Uhm Tae Woong expressed his desire for another child so his child Uhm Ji On won't be lonely.

Song Il Gook wanted a fourth child but it was not going to happen. Understandably, his wife had the final say.

"She won't allow it," he said.

The Song triplets filmed their last episode of "Superman Is Back" on Dec. 22, 2015, although some of the footage was shown later. The actor and his sons appeared on the program for more than a year and were among viewers' favorites.

Song is currently busy with his acting career.

His most recent film "Tattoo" opened on December 10 2015. In that film he plays a psychopathic serial killer, a far cry from the gentle devoted dad that viewers loved on "Superman Is Back."

Song, called the King of Sageuks for his many historical drama roles, can currently be seen in the drama "Jang Young Sil." His first historical drama was "Jang Hui Bin" in 2002 and his first big hit of a historical drama was "Emperor of the Sea" in 2005. Up next was the MBC drama "Jumong," in which Song played Prince Jumong, the man who established the Goguryeo Empire. The drama was popular with the viewer ratings reaching 51.9 percent nationwide and averaging 40.98 percent. After that he played another prince in the KBS drama "Kingdom of the Winds."

His newest role in the weekend drama "Jang Young Sil" is that of a man who starts out as a servant but goes on to become one of the greatest scientists of the Joseon empire. The real-life Jang Young Sil lived during the 15th century and eventually became a trusted adviser to King Seongjo.

Not having a fourth child may be a disappointment for Song, but he does have three charming triplets and a stellar career as a k-drama actor.

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