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Goo Hara Makes Her Small Screen Comeback

BY Julie Jones | Feb 11, 2016 01:06 PM EST


It has been five years since Goo Hara's last role in a drama. The 25-year-old singer-turned-actress had her last major drama role in "City Hunter," which also starred Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young.

Goo Hara played Choi Da Hye, the president's willful daughter. Lee and Park's secret service characters were assigned to babysit her.

Now the tables are turned and Goo may play a babysitter. She has been offered the role of babysitter named Jang Suk Yu in an upcoming drama titled "Babysitter."

Some sources say she has already agreed to take the role but the latest statement from her agency Key East, says it is still being considered.

"It hasn't been long since Goo Hara received the offer, but she is considering it favorably," said the Key East representative.

Sounds like a fun role as Jang Suk Gu is not your average babysitter. She's a literature major at a top university and can speak five languages fluently.

And despite the drama's title, "Babysitter" is a mystery thriller. The four-episode drama will feature a family, their children and a nanny.

Since appearing in "City Hunter," Goo Hara has appeared on the small screen a few times. She had a cameo in the 2013 drama "Galileo 2," appeared in a 2014 DRAMAcube special titled "Secret Love" and had a cameo in the 16th episode of "It's Okay, That's Love."

In January 2015, she was chosen to emcee the new KBS beauty show "A Style For You," along with Super Junior's Kim Heechul, EXID's Hani and SISTAR's Bo Ra. She previously had her own reality show and served as an emcee on the music program "Inkigayo."

The drama will air once "Moorim School" finishes. Originally "Moorim School" was supposed to have 20 episodes but it was shortened to 16. The first episode of "Babysitter" airs on March 14.

No other cast members have been announced. 

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