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Hyeri Expressed Her Affection For Park Bo Gum On 'Entertainment Weekly'

BY Adrienne Stanley | Feb 13, 2016 07:01 PM EST


Girl's Day member Hyeri may have portrayed the awkward teen Duk Sun in tvN's "Reply 1988," but she is calm under pressure when asked about her ideal type of potential husband. 

The February 13 episode of KBS' "Entertainment Weekly" featured a segment where the members of Girl's Day were asked to select the "Reply 1988" guy they would most like to marry. 

While the three members quickly brandished placards, Hyeri did not display her choice.

"I will live alone," said Hyeri, in a nonchalant manner.  

Minah selected Ryu Jun Yeol, who portrayed Kim Jung Hwan, the aloof high schooler who harbored an unexpressed crush on Hyeri's Sung Duk Sun. Sojin and Yura selected Ahn Jae Hong and Lee Dong Hwi, whose characters were more intuitive about women. 

The host then displayed footage shot 30 minutes prior to the segment. During her one-on-one interview, the 21-year-old K-pop-idol-turned-actress, affectionately addressed her on-screen husband, Park Bo Gum.

"Husband!," exclaimed Hyeri, with a bright smile. 

Park portrayed Choi Taek, a shy and sensitive teen, who was skilled at the playing the board game baduk, but naive in his daily affairs. 

The third installment of the "Reply" series garnered the highest ratings of the franchise, with 18 percent of viewers tuning in for the thrilling finale. However, the success of the drama continues to be marred by detractors who were dissatisfied with the choice of Taek as the husband of Duk Sun, over Jung Hwan. 

Meanwhile, Hyeri continues to experience meteoric success following her appearance in the eighties nostalgia drama through increased endorsement opportunities. 

Her "Reply 1988" co-stars Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo, Ahn Jae Hong and Park Bo Gum recently wrapped filming of the variety show, "Youth Over Flowers: Africa," where they will interact with the natural beauty of Namibia. 

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