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Lee Jun Ki Shares The Story Of His 'Resident Evil' Casting

BY Julie Jones | Feb 23, 2016 07:47 AM EST


Lee Jun Ki recently shared the story of his casting in the Hollywood film "Resident Evil; The Final Chapter."

The film's director Paul W.S. Anderson contacted Lee by emailing his agency, Namoo Actors.

"The director said in the email that he was impressed by Lee's action dramas and influence in Asia," said a representative of Namoo Actors told the Hollywood Reporter.

Lee is popular throughout Asia because of his roles in films such as the k-movie "The King and The Clown" and the Korean-Japanese film "Virgin Snow." He is also known for his roles in dramas such as 'Two Weeks" and "The Scholar Who Walked The Night." But his international popularity was not the only factor in the director's decision making. Lee had to audition for the part but the director did not speak Korean.

"Director Paul W. S. Anderson, who didn't speak Korean, muted video footage of me acting and analyzed my expressions and emotions before deciding to hire me," said Lee in an interview with the magazine Allure. "He didn't just pick me because of my reputation as a Hallyu actor. That moved me."

In the film Lee plays Umbrella Corporation's Commander Lee. The evil company is conducting genetic research and is responsible for a virus that turns people into zombies. Humanity is in trouble.

Lee began working in the film in the fall of 2015, traveling to Cape Town, South Africa to shoot the first scenes. While filming, the 33-year-old actor told Allure that he especially enjoyed working with actress Milla Jovovich.

"Lead actress Milla Jovovich inspired me the most with her stunt acting," said Lee. "I love stunts too. When we were filming, we tried to synchronize our stunt action scenes as much as possible, and she was receptive to many of my suggestions."

Jovovich posted a selfie of herself with Lee on her Instagram. It said, "Night shoots with the incredible Korean actor and 3rd Dan martial artist Joon Gi."

The final installment of the "Resident Evil" film series is Lee's first Hollywood project, but it will probably not be his last. Other Korean stars that have crossed over into Hollywood productions, include Lee Byung Hun, Choi Min Sik, Go Ah Sung and Song Kang Ho.

The "Resident Evil" film series is based on the video game of the same name. The film's premiere is scheduled for January 2017.

Lee Jun Ki's next drama is "Moon Lovers."

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