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Drama Review 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' Episode 10

BY HanCinema | Dec 17, 2016 03:39 AM EST


Cheong's presence amongst the humans is causing quite a stir along with Dam-ryeong's clever intervention in Joon-jae's life. Around the couple, people are starting to cotton on that things aren't quite as they should be as the mermaid's otherworldly nature becomes more evident.

As she befriends the people on land and gets closer to Joon-jae, Cheong's inner voice is starting to be heard. Her child friend, a lonely little girl who reminds Joon-jae of himself, can hear Cheong's voice. The presence of a child friend and a homeless friend for Cheong speaks to Cheong's nature. She accepts people as they are, without judging them within the structure of Korean society. A child's opinion and a homeless woman's opinion are still valid despite their age or living situation. They, in turn, accept her with all of the strangeness associated with her. Joon-jae does as well although not as openly. It is love that makes him accepting and also allows him to finally hear her mermaid voice - the telepathic voice.

Around the mermaid are the people from Joon-jae's past who continually grow closer, namely his mother. They are literally passing each other on the street and in homes. It will be any episode now when he finds her. By the time he does, his father may be in the hospital because my instincts tell me that Joon-jae's stepmother is poisoning him for Joon-jae's inheritance. Luckily Ji-hyeon doesn't trust his mother and will hopefully do more than simply be suspicious of her. In fact, I'm a little concerned that he hasn't been in the drama more. His role in Joon-jae's life is important and he deserves more screen time.

I also want more out of Si-ah who has thus far served utilitarian purposes. She has been a romantic rival with no impact and she is the connection for Joon-jae to his past because of her job as an archeologist. Other than that, she is completely useless and very ineffectual on screen. If that is all she will be, give us more of the murderer who has been barely there. Let him loom over us, show. Let him make us feel the danger he poses to the main leads. A little of that manifested at the end of the episode, but it isn't urgent enough like much of the drama.

Now that both of their truths are out, that he's a con and she's a mermaid, it's time for our main leads to redefine heir relationship, stand together and battle the big bad. If only he would emerge as more than a phantom.


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