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'Secret' Hwang Jung Eum - Ji Sung Kiss Scene

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 31, 2013 08:44 PM EDT


Ji Sung started to feel love towards Hwang Jung Eum while in a state of panic.

On the 11th episode of KBS2 Wednesday/Thursday drama "Secret" broadcast on October 30th, a rumor was spread that CEO Cho was deathly ill and the hotel was in trouble, and Do Hoon (played by Bae Soo Bin) and Se Yeon (played by Lee Da Hee) tried to buy the restaurant.  Yoo Jung (played by Hwang Jung Eum) and Min Hyuk (played by Ji Sung) went against them and tried to keep the restaurant.

On this episode, Ji Sung's sweet looks to Hwang Jung Eum was especially notable.  Yoo Jung realized Do Hoon's traitor like behavior and evil deeds and asked Min Hyuk for help.  Min Hyuk started to really fall for Yoo Jung.

Min Hyuk ended up trying to kiss Yoo Jung who remained at the restaurant and tried to develop a sauce.  Min Hyuk saw Yoo Jung smile and said, "Are you going to leave me while smiling like this?  If you get what you want, your'e going to leave me too right?" as he showed a nervous look.

Yoo Jung said firmly to Min Hyuk, "You said do what you ask. I won't leave you until you tell me to."  Min Hyuk was nervous and trembled as he kissed Yoo Jung's lips.

Jo Min Hyuk has transformed from a 'bad guy' to a 'obssessed guy' to "Mr. Tall" and was watching Yoo Jugng by his side but as a kiss was attempted, it'll be interesting when they first are affectionate and whether they will be caring towards each other.

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