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Kdrama's Child Actors Often Steal The Show

BY Joan MacDonald | Nov 01, 2013 10:21 AM EDT


It was recently revealed that Jung Chan Woo, the actor who played the young Lee Min Ho in "The Heirs" also played his much younger version in "Boys Over Flowers." Jung Chan Woo was one of four young actors who helped show F4 as small adorable toddlers rather than privileged bullies.

Kdramas regularly use child actors to offer some perspective on characters. In the case of "The Heirs" that actor helped show how Kim Tan and Choi Young Do became enemies. Or flashbacks with child actors can show the events that set the character on the course he or she later follows.

But child actors when they are shown throughout a drama can steal the show. Here are three child actors whose performances really stood out this year. These young actors are so appealing and already show so much promise that audiences can expect good things from them in future performances:

Lee Chae Mi played Lee Jun Ki's daughter in "Two Weeks." His character discovers that he not only has a daughter but that she might die. He must escape both the good and bad guys to donate some lifesaving bone marrow to her. Lee Chae Mi was so appealing as his daughter in this series that even a stranger might feel compelled to fight the odds to save her life. In many scenes, you could see that her fellow actors were taken with her natural charm. The 7-year-old actress is a veteran having starred in "Crazy Love, "Cruel Palace" and "Still You."

Kang Ji Woo playes Eun Hye Kyul, the youngest daughter of the family that hires "The Suspicious Housekeeper." At only five, she already knows how to earnestly blink her eyes and make adults do what she wants. Her plea that Choi Ji Woo's character remains with the family is the one that finally melts her resistance. In the last year, the child actress has appeared in a few dramas, including "your Lady," "May Queen" and "The Chaser."

Goo Seung Hyun played the nine-year-old Park Soo Ha in "I Hear Your Voice." Having seen his father murdered and then discovering he can hear people's thoughts, the young actor looks suitably frightened and unhappy until he discovers the one person he can trust, Jang Hye Sung. Although he was only used in flashbacks, when he said he would protect her, hearts melted. The young actor then went on to play the equally unhappy Ghost Woo Jin in episodes 12 and 16 of "The Master's Sun." He's also in a film, "Happiness for Sale." Hopefully he gets to smile in that film.

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