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A Korean Version Of "Desperate Housewives"

BY Joan MacDonald | Nov 07, 2013 02:14 PM EST


Are you ready for a Korean version of "Desperate Housewives?" That's how the upcoming drama "Mother Needs A Man" has been described. Among the drama's main characters are a divorcee, a woman who has never married and a full-time housewife who married early and already has a daughter in middle school.

Actress Choi Jung Yoon will play Kwon Ji Hyun, a full-time housewife and mother. But she has not been completely honest with her family. When you first meet Kwon Ji Hyun, she seems like the nicest and most devoted wife and daughter-in-law. She's not the frivolous type to drink or party. But her husband and mother-in-law don't really know her. At school and with her friends, she was another person. She liked to drink and have fun. Would her husband and mother-in-law still like her if they knew about this other side of her?

If the show is anything like "Desperate Housewives," the other women she knows will not be the best influence. But what fun would a neighborhood or a drama be if everyone behaved themselves?

Choi Jung Yoon took the role because she thought that playing the character would be fun.

"I decided to play the role because the character is really unique," said Choi Jung Yoon, 36. "It's my first time playing a mother with a child in middle school so I think that part will also be fun.

Choi Jung Yoon debuted in the film "Father" and has appeared in several more films, most recently "I Am A Star' in 2011.

She also appeared in several dramas including "Cheer Up Mir Kim," "An Angel's Choice," "Ojakgyo Brothers," "Smile You" and "Manny."

The only other casting news about this drama is that actress and singer Kim Yoo Jin will play Yoo Keyong, who is Kwon Ji Hyun's friend and a potential bad infleunce. Kim Yoo Jin, who is also known as Eugene, recently starred in "One Hundred Year's Inheritance." She had roles in the dramas "King of Baking Kim Takgu," 'Creating Destiny" and "Ohlala Couple."

Another well-known name associated with this upcoming drama is the director, Kim Yoon Chul. He directed episodes of "Can We Get Married," as well as the dramas "Best Theater-Housewife," "Que Sera Sera," and the fan favorite "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon," which starred Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah.

The jTBC drama will follow "My Neighbor's Wife" on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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