5 Underrated K-Dramas You Might Want To Binge On

Hello Monster
Jang Nara
Because This is My First Life
Jung So Min
Lee Min Ki
Lee Som
Park Byung Eun
Kim Ga Run
Kim Min Seok
Go Back Couple
Son Ho Jun
Be Melodramatic
Chun Woo Hee
Jun Yeo Bin
Ahn Jae Hong
Gong Myung
Han Ji Eun
Kim Hye Soo
& Ju Ji Hoon
Seo In Guk
(Photo : Netflix)

Some K-dramas may not be as popular as DOTS or CLOY, but they are still worth your attention.

There are numerous K-dramas that deserve second chances and if you wonder which ones they are, fret not as we got you covered!

Here are underrated K-dramas that you might want to binge on while still on quarantine.

KBS2's "Hello Monster" (2015)

Star studded cast Seo In Guk, Jang Nara, Park Bo Gum, and Choi Won Young. A crime-mystery drama that offers no rocky loopholes from beginning to end.

Though crime was its main core, but the showcasing of violence was minimal than any other crime TV series. It tackles more about brotherly love, moral values, and friendship. The OSTs attached to the drama may linger in your mind that leaves you singing out loud. Do we need to say more?

tvN's "Because This is My First Life" (2017)

The drama is starred by Jung So Min, Lee Min Ki, Lee Som, Park Byung Eun, Kim Ga Eun, and Kim Min Seok. It contains three elements that the characters deal with: contract marriage, rich man and poor woman, and a struggling long term relationship.

The romantic-comedy story and the cast dialogues are carefully knitted with each scene that are relatable in our daily lives. Watching the drama will inspire you that emotions are an important part to reconsider in any relationship.

KBS2's "Go Back Couple" (2017)

This romance series stars Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun in a heartwarming story of marriage and self-realization. It deals with a marriage of 14 years and ending it well strikes deep into your soul.

The story covers everything from comedy, romance, friendship, and most of all, OSTs will move you in every scene. it's a painful honest story of life and what you call - home.

JTBC's "Be Melodramatic" (2019)

Chun Woo Hee, Jun Yeo Bin, Han Ji Eun, Ahn Jae Hong, and Gong Myung starred in "Be Melodramatic", a mature drama with a slice of comedy that embellished a version of reality yet you get to enjoy and engaged with.

The rom-com plot might be saturated but this drama is way different and digs down deeper to each character. The drama captures every aspect and that includes the music. If you want that fresh story with laughter and tears, this drama is worth being on your list!

SBS's "Hyena" (2020)

Impactful stars Ju Ji Hoon and Kim Hye Soo played the lead characters in a gritting, competitive world of elite lawyers. The drama offers all the suspense in the fight against corruption, justice, and moral values.

Hyena symbolizes integration between two people, they seek balance, power, and realizing their own happiness. This drama will keep you on the edge while you find yourself smiling in betweens. The OSTs keep you upbeat and overall brings out the excitement in every episode.

And with these two brilliant actors in one drama? Impeccable!

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