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"Penthouse" Season 3 is starting to officially film soon! And by soon, it means April 27.

"Penthouse Season 3" Filming Around the Corner

On April 26, SPOTV News announced that "The Penthouse 3" will start filming on April 27 already. On the same day, someone directly part of the show confirmed said news.

That was quick, considering the "The Penthouse 2" just ended on April 2, showing a total of 13 episodes that brought the fans through a series of highs and lows. It appears that the cast merely took a three-week break before marching on again, starting with a script reading on April 22.

"Penthouse Season 3" Plot

One can surmise that the "Penthouse 3" plot will resume from the second season ended - which was quite explosive, literally. "The Penthouse" Season 2 finale had Logan Lee, played by Park Eun Suk, getting into a scary and explosive accident right before the eyes of Soo Ryeon, played by Lee Ji Ah.

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Is Logan Lee really dead? While it could be hard to survive such a thing in real life, who knows in a fictional drama series, right? But then K-dramas are a breed of their own, and they are usually quite realistic. That said, if Logan is really dead, what would happen to Soo Ryeon? Prior to the blast, Logan was already about to propose to her. This would certainly devastate her.

Also, "who had this planned?" is a question that can get answered in "The Penthouse" Season 3.

"The Penthouse" Season 3 New Cast, Characters

Right before the second season ended, fans of the show are introduced to two new characters - Joon Gi, played by On Woo Jan, and Yoo Dong Pil. Joon Gi, so far, is just someone who sat beside Logan Lee on a plane. What his role further will be on the third season remains to be seen.

On the other hand, Yoo Dong Pil is the husband of Kang Ma Ri, played by Shin Eun Kyung, and the dad of Yoo Jenny, played by Jin Ji Hee.

"The Penthouse" Season 3 Storyline Is More Intense Than Ever

If "The Penthouse" Season 2 finale left fans mouth hanging, thinking the whole season was just too intense, they will be in for a fun and crazy ride on the newest season because insiders had it that it would be more powerful in storylines compared to the first two seasons. The lives of the characters will reportedly become even more complex, dramatic, and entangled with each other more than ever.

Fans are yet to tire of "The Penthouse," even after serving two seasons already. It can be seen why, since the storylines get more intense after each episode.

"The Penthouse" has been quite a remarkable success since its inception, gaining fans not just in South Korea but worldwide, thanks to different online streaming platforms. Set against the elite backdrop of South Korea's capital city, Seoul, the drama revolves around the lives of the rich residents of Seoul's most luxurious residential complex Hera Palace and their seemingly unending desire for money, craving for power, and greed for social ranking. The characters each have their ambitions, which they are willing to chase, regardless of people they have to hurt and crimes they have to commit.

"The Penthouse 3" is reportedly aiming to drop in June, meaning it will only take a month or so to shoot.

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