Kwak Dong Yeon Talks on Memorable Experience Working with ‘Vincenzo’ Cast

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Multifaceted actor Kwak Dong Yeon took a break from acting to dominate the pages of The Star magazine.

Kwak Dong Yeon Steals the Spotlight with His Newest Magazine Pictorial

In a recent pictorial with one of the popular fashion magazines in South Korea, The Star, Kwak Dong Yeon exudes overflowing charisma under the theme of "One Fine Day." 


Looking fresh and charming, there is no doubt that the "My ID is Gangnam Beauty" star can be versatile anytime and anywhere, may it be acting onscreen or merely projecting for a photoshoot.

The 24-year-old actor looked at the camera with his gentle smile, showing a comfortable aura that makes the atmosphere friendlier and brighter.

Meeting Geumga Plaza Residents is One of Kwak Dong Yeon's Memorable Experiences

Kwak Dong Yeon was asked about his experience while doing the drama "Vincenzo," and according to him, meeting the Geumga Plaza residents is one of the happiest moments he had while doing the project.

Vincenzo Squad
(Photo : tvN's Official Instagram)

He shared, "One of my memorable experiences was during the first day I met the actors in Geumga Plaza. I just see them during the script reading and since then I haven't seen them after several months because I always worked with the Babel Group actors."

Kwak Dong Yeon continued, "When we finally met again (Geumga Plaza residents), we talked about being a fan of each other, saying that we are watching the drama well. We were both curious about each other and even for a short period of time, I had a great time knowing them while filming."

Vincenzo Squad
(Photo : tvN's Official Twitter)

As he plays the role of Jang Han Seo, the actor also shared the most important point when portraying the role. He said that his character may be a villain, but it is not that easy to portray, because Jang Han Seo is a person that is impossible to hate.

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Vincenzo Still
(Photo : tvN's Official Twitter)

The "Love in the Moonlight" star also said, "I wanted to elicit a response from the viewers who still cheered for my role being beaten by his brother Jang Joon Woo (Ok Taecyeon) and as a person being ambitious to own the Babel company."

The interviewer asked the actor's personality behind the camera, and the "Vincenzo" star expressed, "I am a person who has a pleasant personality. Even when I am not working, I want to spend my everyday life happily and content."

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What can you say about Kwak Dong Yeon's newest magazine pictorial? Will he have a happy ending in "Vincenzo"? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Written by Shai Collins

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