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‘The Suspicious Housekeeper’ Blames Kang Ji Woo Practicing Separation

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 12, 2013 08:33 PM EST


"The Suspicious Housekeeper" Choi Ji Woo started to scold child actor Kang Ji Woo.

Recently, on the filming set of "The Suspicious Housekeeper"   (script Baek Woon Chul Director Kim Hyung Shik) on Kyeonggi Province Kwang Joo Gon Ji Am, Bok Nyuh (played by Choi Ji Woo) started to hurry things up to organize things around her as if she was making an important decision.

On this day, Hye Gyul (played by Kang Ji Woo) was awkward at using chopsticks and Bok Nyuh said, "Are you still like a child that cannot use chopsticks?" and started to scold her.  Hye Gyul who followed Bok Nyuh like a mother as well as her brother and sisters were stunned at a sudden change in Bok Nyuh's actions.

Moreover, Bok Nyuh looked at the whining of Hy Gyul and said, "Are you going to run away if it gets hard and difficult?" and started to raise her voice.  She further pointed out, "If you keep doing that, you're going to be picked on as a person who grew up without a mother."

During the filming, Kang Ji Woo was acting but nonetheless cried hard as Choi Ji Woo was scolding her hard.

Meanwhile, the 16th episode of "The Suspicious Housekeeper" will be broadcast on November 12th.

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