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Upcoming Drama Asks "Can We Love?"

BY Joan MacDonald | Nov 14, 2013 02:48 PM EST


The upcoming JTBC drama "Can We Love?" is consolidating its cast. If everyone confirms their participation, the cast will include Uhm Tae Woong, Choi Jung Yoon, Kim Sung Soo, Eugene, Jin Jae Young and Jin Ji Hee.

"Can We Love" is a drama about three women who are in their late thirties. Life has not been kind to them and rather than be bitter about it, they've decided to focus on having fun.

Uhm Tae Woong, fresh from his role in the historical drama "The Blade and the Petal" and the film "Top Star," will play an arrogant, internationally acclaimed director who falls in love with a divorced woman. Uhm Tae Woong is known for his work in "Dr Champ" and "Man From The Equator." He was also a regular in the cast of the variety show "I Night, 2 Days."

Kim Sung Soo, who appeared in "Full House," "The Slave Hunters" and "Madame Butterfly" will play Ahn Do Young, the charismatic CEO of a movie company. Ahn Do Young is gifted at pitching film ideas and attracting women admirers.

The role really appealed to Kim Sung Soo who is known for choosing roles he likes even if the dramas he finds them in are not guaranteed to be popular.

"Ahn Do Young is a character I have always wanted to play," said Kim Sung Soo. "I hope you have a better understanding of the true nature of love while you're watching my performance."

Eugene, who appeared in "A Hundred Year's Legacy" and "Ohlala Couple," is considering the role of the divorcee. Her character must face the distressing news that her ex-husband is about to remarry a much younger woman.

Choi Jung Yoon of "Ojakgyo Brothers" is a housewife and mom. Jin Ji Hee, who was last seen as the young Moon Geun Young in "Goddess of Fire," will play her daughter.

Jin Jae Young of "My Sweet Seoul" plays a woman who is happy to remain single.

Kim Yoon Chul, who directed "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon" and "Can We Get Married" will direct "Can We Love?"

The new drama "Can We Love?" will be aired after "My Neighbor's Wife," premiering on Dec. 23.

Another drama with the same name was originally slated to start filming in June. Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun were considering leading roles. That "Can We Love" was postponed indefinitely due to script problems and conflicting filming schedules.

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