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From left to right: 'Hostage' Director Actor Pil Gam Seung and Actor Hwang Jung Min (Photo : NEW Official SNS)

Hwang Jung Min, who has established himself in the Korean film industry, and Oeyunaegang, a production company that made box office hits "Veteran," "Exit," and "Battleship Island," are the stars of the upcoming action-thriller film "Hostage."

"Hostage" is about a top film actor abducted by strangers at dawn in the middle of Seoul, South Korea.

Though the film is filled with suspense, thrill, and action as Hwang Jung Min fights for his life against his kidnappers, "Hostage" aims to relieve the stress of the viewers who are tired of work and the surge of coronavirus infection.

Hwang Jung Min and Director Pil Gam Seung's Work Relationship

Hwang Jung Min stated, "The production team, including the CEO and producers, is almost like a family to me. Everything goes smoothly and we get along well like friends. It seems that we, who worked hard in our respective places, met again and created synergy."

The actor described the production company, Oeyu Naegang, as "a production company that I know very well and comfortable with, and huge respect is reciprocated."

Director Pil Gam Seung said, "When I was writing the screenplay, I was wondering if this movie could be made. It's still unbelievable and I'm honored. I can't believe I worked with Hwang Jung Min."

It is evident that actors Hwang Jung Min, Pil Gam Seung, and Oeyu Naegang Production Company are working in a respectable environment.

Hwang Jung Min Shares Struggles during Filming

Hwang Jung Min said, "The setting where Hwang Jung Min was kidnapped was fun. Everything moves on the assumption that if that is the case, the viewers will see this movie as a movie or a documentary. It is an unconventional genre so I was very much curious about the script."

Director Pil Gam Seung said, "When actor Hwang Jung Min is kidnapped in the film, different emotions such as fear, resentment, and anger will come out but I thought, only Hwang Jung Min was the only actor who could express those emotions of the character within a limited time."

Hwang Jung Min then explained, "I needed a different energy than the real Hwang Jung Min. It was difficult for me to match Hwang Jung Min in 'Hostage.' I thought about whether to show myself as a movie character or the real me."

The actor faced difficulties physically during filming. He recalled the filming process, "I kept running to make good scenes. They (the hostage-taker) couldn't follow me because I was running fast. I ran to death and kept shooting the same scene because there was a gap between us so we couldn't get it in one angle."

He also said that he found it difficult to monitor his acting performance when he was all tied up, hands to body. Even the teaser poster of the movie had him all tied up while his back was facing upfront.

Realism and Energy: Two Words to Describe "Hostage"

When asked to describe "Hostage," Director Pil Gam Seung said, "I kept thinking about two words. It was 'realism' and 'energy.' For realism, the cast consisted of unfamiliar actors aside from Hwang Jung Min. I tried to give energy that jumped like a fish that escaped an aquarium."

Hostage Production Team Shares Memorable Episodes During Filming

Meanwhile, when they were asked if there was any unforgettable episode during filming, the filmmaker answered, "We filmed right after the rainy season, so there were a lot of bugs. So Hwang Jung Min smoked a lot of mosquito incense."

When Director Pil Gam Seung asked Hwang Jung Min what he was going to do with the incense, the actor jested and said, "I'm going to burn you."

The director added, "Thanks to this, we all did not get any diseases and finished filming safely."

With this, Hwang Jung Min shared, "I usually get bitten by mosquitoes. That's why my nickname is mosquito incense."

"Hostage" will premiere next month, August 18.

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