‘Hospital Playlist 2’ Episode 7: A Heartbreaking Incident Hinders Yoo Yeon Seok’s Proposal to Shin Hyun Bin

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(Photo : Instagram Fan Account @hospitalplaylist_th)
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(Photo : Instagram Fan Account @hospitalplaylist_th)
(Photo : Instagram Fan Account @hospitalplaylist_th)

"Hospital Playlist 2" episode 7 is definitely worth the wait as lead stars Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Dae Myung, Jung Kyung Ho, and the rest of the Yulje Medical staff set the viewers on a whirlwind of emotions. 

After going on a one-week hiatus due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics broadcast, tvN's Thursday night drama delivered another round of heart fluttering and, at the same time, heartbreaking scenes between the 99ers. 

In the latest episode, the top rating medical K-drama showcases unexpected twists and turns, focusing on the Wintergarden couple and the slow burn romance of Lee Ik Jung (Jo Jung Suk) and Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do.)

Warning, spoiler alert!

'Hospital Playlist 2' Episode 7 Highlights: IkSong's First Camping Trip 

The latest episode might be a special one for the IkSong shippers as Lee Ik Jun, and Chae Song Hwa went on their first camping trip with their special third wheel, U-Ju (Kim Jun.)

It gave fans a glimpse of #FamilyGoals if the neurosurgeon would only reconsider her feelings for the father of one. 

Interestingly, "Hospital Playlist 2" episode 7 featured how Chae Song Hwa is warming up with her best friend, hinting that she is slowly reassessing her connection towards him. 

It came after Song Hwa surprisingly invited him and U-Ju to go on a camping trip with her. 

Without having second thoughts, the doting father immediately called his son and mentioned that they'd go on a weekend camping trip with his friend. 

Of course, this made U-Ju thrilled since he has been wanting to experience hiking and camping with Ik Jun. 

At the campsite, Song Hwa, being the camping expert, showed Ik Jun how everything is done--from starting a fire to setting up the tents. 

It appears that the duo really enjoyed their time off work as they found themselves drinking and talking till dawn. 

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Is Ahn Jung Won's Mother Showing Signs of Dementia? 

"Hospital Playlist 2" episode 7 also highlights the loved ones of the 99ers. 

The latest episode illustrates a change of behavior in Jung Won's mother, Jung Ro Sa (Kim Hae Sook.)

In one episode, Ro Sa is having her early exercise with her longtime friend Ju Jong Su (Kim Gab Soo.)

However, she received a call from her youngest son asking if she will be coming to their cousin's wedding; this surprised Ro Sa since she totally forgot the special occasion. 

Feeling guilty, she apologized to Jung Won but told her mother there's nothing to worry about, and he'll explain everything to his cousin. 

The latter part of the episode showed that Ro Sa is being forgetful and can't even remember her door code; this made her feel frustrated and concerned about her health. 

Just When Ahn Jung Won Plans on Popping the Question to Jang Gyeo Wool

After the fun-filled and sweet moments of Lee Ik Jun and Chae Song Hwa, "Hospital Playlist 2" episode 7 showed a contradicting story on the "Winter Garden couple."

Here, Ahn Jung Won told Jang Gyeo Wool about their weekend plans and reminded her to free her schedule, which she assured that everything had been cleared. 

Little did she know that he was about to pop the question. 

While on her way to the meeting place, a staff member at Gwangju Hospital called Jang Gyeo Wool, revealing that her mom was rushed to the hospital and needed surgery ASAP. 

At this time, he received a text from Jang Gyeo Wool telling him that she won't make it and will explain everything once the situation has been settled. 

The next scene featured Ahn Jung Won patiently waiting at the church and planned on proposing to her that evening. 

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