Kim Woo Bin Workout 2021: The Secret to ‘The Heirs’ Star’s Lean Physique is Doing 200 Push-Ups a Day

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(Photo : Kim Woo Bin Official Instagram)

Avid K-drama fanatics would surely recognize the OG Oppa, Kim Woo Bin, who made a break in showbiz with his first-ever major role in "School 2013."

Shortly after the youth drama, the 32-year-old actor starred in his remarkable series, "The Heirs," with fellow A-listers Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.

Since then, he cemented his name in the Hallyu world and became one of the most sought-after stars.

Despite his almost three-year hiatus due to health issues, Kim Woo Bin returned with a bang in 2020, confirming a slew of upcoming dramas in the coming years.

Now, fans are seeing a different side of the actor who is gleaming with positive energy and not to mention his jaw-dropping ripped physique.

So how does the "Controllably Fond" actor maintain his lean body? The secret is through a good diet and hardworking exercise.

Kim Woo Bin Exercise: From Lanky Teenager to Hunk Actor

Kim Woo Bin
(Photo : Kim Woo Bin Official Instagram)

The actor's long-time fitness coach and celebrity trainer Yang Chi Seung previously revealed KBS' "Problem Child in House" the actor's secret to achieving his stunning body.

He recalled his first meeting with the actor, a head-turner because of his height and slim body.

Yang Chi Seung described the Hallyu star as someone tall and with "really narrow shoulders."

To recall, "The Con Artists" star first worked as a runway model before his acting debut.

Through the years, the celebrity trainer went to praise Kim Woo Bin and mentioned that his "body improved over time."

In addition, he noted that the actor was his all-time favorite student because he shows dedication despite his intense training.

"Kim Woo Bin has really good manners, and if we have to work with 10-kilogram weights that day, he brings it over first. Other people usually just stand there, so I really like his proactive attitude."

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Kim Woo Bin Workout Involves Having 200 Push-Ups a Day

Kim Woo Bin
(Photo : Kim Woo Bin Official Instagramo)
Kim Woo Bin
(Photo : Kim Woo Bin Official Instagram)

Aside from his disciplined attitude, his fitness coach revealed Kim Woo Bin's workout routine includes dedicating two to five hours a day for exercise.

In addition, coach Yang Chi Seung mentioned that he likes doing 200 push-ups a day to work and even dubbed him a "shoulder thug."

Obviously, the intense training paid off, given that the Hallyu star is among the celebrities with the nicest shoulders and jaw-dropping body.

Prefers Doing his Workout at Home

Look! Kim Woo Bin Teases Fans with his New Instagram Post
(Photo : Kim Woo Bin Official Instagram)
Look! Kim Woo Bin Teases Fans with his New Instagram Post

One of the low-profile actors, Kim Woo Bin, reportedly likes to do his training at home instead of gyms.

In addition, he also focuses on having a healthy and balanced diet rather than pushing himself on hardcore workouts.

In his previous interview with Esquire Korea, he mentioned his day-to-day activities, including starting his day at 8 a.m.

"The first thing I do is wash my face and brush my teeth. I drink two glasses of warm water and eat some probiotics. About 30 minutes later, I have my first meal. One hour later, I exercised. When I'm not working, my days follow this kind of pattern."

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