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After his TWICE's "Cheer Up" video resurfaced, "Squid Game" star Wi Ha Joon flaunts his dancing skills on social media.

On the actor's official TikTok and Instagram account, the 30-year-old heartthrob stunned fans with his powerful choreography.

Wi Ha Joon's Instagram Showcase his Moves to the 'Hey Mama Challenge'

The South Korean actor proves that he is more than just a pretty face but also a multi-talented celebrity.

Wi Ha Joon did not shy away from flaunting his skills as he danced to David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, and Afrojack's "Hey Mama."

He joined the bandwagon and grooved to the dance challenge popularized by the survival show "Street Woman Fighter."

As of this writing, Wi Ha Joon's Instagram post gained 5.5 million likes and almost 57,000 comments, mostly praising the actor for his talent.

Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon Official TikTok)

At the same time, he also took this as an opportunity to express his gratitude to fans for their undying support for Netflix's "Squid Game."

"On my way home after eating... I danced to it at the request of @netflixkr and the fans. Thank you so much for loving the Squid Game," the caption reads.

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From 'Squid Game' Actor to Social Media Star

Wi Ha Joon reached overnight success after starring in the mega-hit physiological thriller series starring Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Jung Ho Yeon, and more.

He played the role of Hwang Joon, who infiltrated the organization to find his older brother.

Amid the massive achievement of the K-series worldwide, "Squid Game" cast members also turned into social media stars with increasing followers every day.

Before the premiere of the nine-episode drama, Wi Ha Joon's Instagram had approximately 300,000 followers.

Interestingly, his social media jumped into a drastic change after "Squid Game" was released.

With more than two weeks since the Netflix series aired, his Instagram now rakes 6 million followers and counting.

Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon Official Instagram)

Wi Ha Joon's TWICE Dance Performance Goes Viral

Apart from the actor's growing Instagram fame, the "Squid Game" actor sparks a frenzy on social media after his dance cover goes viral.

It came after his performance dancing to TWICE's "Cheer Up" caught the netizen's attention, saying that his dancing skills are "beyond spectacular."

Wi Ha Joon was seen wearing a white shirt paired with dark pants as he grooved and ground to the girl group's dance craze.

According to some media outlets, the clip is from 2006's event called Star, where the actor was promoting.

Wi Ha Joon Fun Facts

Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)
Squid Game Trivia: Did You Know? Wi Ha Joon’s Role in the Kdrama Was Not Included in the Original Script

"Squid Game" might be Wi Ha Joon's biggest break, but he also appeared in several notable Kdramas.

Fans might recognize this South Korean cutie since he also appeared in "18 Again," "Something In the Rain," "Romance is a Bonus Book," and more.

Wi Ha Joon Relationship Status
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)
Wi Ha Joon Relationship Status: Is the 'Squid Game' Actor Dating Someone?

Interestingly, he is also set to appear in the upcoming series "Bad and Crazy" with Hallyu star Lee Dong Wook and the new melodrama "Que Sera, Sera."

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