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"Squid Game" cast Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo alongside PD Hwang Dong Hyuk and Art Director Chae Kyung Sun spill more secrets behind the record-breaking Netflix series.

The group gathered to shed light regarding some of the iconic scenes and explained to the viewers their insight into creating the mega-hit Korean thriller drama.

Playing "Squid Game Commentary," they need to express their observation and conclusion regarding a particular scene flashed on the screen.

The Casting

PD Hwang Dong Hyuk began by explaining how he casted the characters of Kang Sae Byeok, Oh Il Nam, and Ali.

The veteran director revealed that he wanted to cast actors who are not quite well known in the industry.

As the viewers know, Jung Ho Yeon, who took on the role of player no. 067 Kang Sae Byeok is a runway model, and "Squid Game" is her first-ever appearance on the small screen.

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea )

During the interview, he described the runway model as "a gift sent by God" since Ho Yeon is a perfect fit for the role of Sae Byeok.

The same goes for player number 199 Ali Abdul, portrayed by Anupam Tripathi, who the PD calls a "good actor" and lauded for his "fluent Korean."

Anupam Tripathi Squid Game
(Photo : Anupam Tripathi Official Instagram)

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Park Hae Soo Reveals His Favorite Scene

In "Squid Game" episode 2, the players who agreed to stop the game went back to reality. Here, the series featured Cho Sang Woo's good side, highlighting that he isn't really a cold-hearted person as it seems.

Park Hae Soon went on to mention that it is one of his favorite scenes, saying that his character showed unselfishness towards Ali, adding that it is one of the significant moments of Sang Woo.

Moreover, the "Prison Paybook" star also reacts in his bathtub scene where he was drenched in water while drinking and feeling devastated.

Watching the scene, he felt strange seeing Sang Woo being helpless despite his past achievements.

Lee Jung Jae's Dalgona Cookie Scene

As the interview continued, the director initially thought that licking the honeycomb biscuit was too much for the actor, adding, "I mean, this is Lee Jung Jae," which made the "Chief of Staff" star laugh.

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

When asked how the scene was, the award-winning actor got honest and shared that he wasn't too sure at first and jokingly asked if there was any other way to break the cookie.

"But then again, it was so perfect for showing how desperate Seong Gi Hun was. So I did my best," Lee Jung Jae explained.

The Tug-of-War

PD Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed Lee Jung Jae's thoughts about the tug-of-war scene.

In "Squid Game," episode 4 titled "Stick to the Team" featured the traditional game as their third challenge.

Here, Seong Gi Hun's team used Oh Il Nam and Cho Sang Woo's strategies to win the game.

The director mentioned that Lee Jung Jae called it one of his most difficult stunts out of all the action scenes he has done.

The award-winning actor then added that he thought that it would be that hard, thinking, "Oh well, it's only an act," but he was wrong.

Interestingly, "Squid Game" director also revealed that all the actors were exhausted after the scene.

The Netflix series took the world by storm by giving a spin on traditional children's games.

Four hundred fifty-six participants whose common denominator is their ballooning debt joined the competition to win a staggering cash prize of $38 million.

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