Song Hye Kyo’s K-Drama ‘Now, We’re Breaking Up’ Introduces Jang Ki Yong as a Charming Freelance Photographer

Now We're Breaking Up
Now We Are Breaking Up
Jang Ki Yong
Jang Ki Yong New Drama
Noverm 2021 Korean Drama
Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo New Drama
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SBS unveils new still cuts featuring Jang Ki Yong in his latest drama with Song Hye Kyo, "Now, We're Breaking Up."

The broadcast network entices fans with visually stunning teasers of the "My Roommate is a Gumiho" star for his new character, Yoon Jae Guk. 

In the forthcoming romance drama series, the South Korean heartthrob plays a famous and wealthy freelance photographer and will be working alongside Ha Young Eun, portrayed by the Hallyu star. 

Jang Ki Yong Flaunts his Artistic Side in New Kdrama Now, We're Breaking Up

In a series of still cuts, Jang Ki Yong displays professionalism and love for his work as a fashion photographer. 

Holding a massive lens, the actor focuses on his subject, making sure that everything goes well. 

Apart from it, his character also dons stylish looks, wearing an all-denim ensemble.

Jang Ki Yong 'Now, We're Breaking Up'
(Photo : News 1 Korea)

Interestingly, Jang Ki Yong's "Now, We're Breaking Up" character is far from his role as the boy next door Shin Woo Yeo in the fantasy series "My Roommate is a Gumiho."

In his new drama, fans look forward to the actor portraying more mature roles, drawing excitement for his team up with Song Hye Kyo. 

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Song Hye Kyo's New Stills as Ha Young Eun

The new still cuts come ahead of the premiere of the Hallyu star's much-awaited comeback to the small screen. 

"Now, We're Breaking Up" is directed by "Dr. Romantic 2" PD Lee Gil Bok together with the "Misty" screenwriter Je In. 

As mentioned, this is her return to Kdrama after the success of her 2018 series "Encounter" with Park Bo Gum. 

Now, she is set to pique the fans' interest with heart fluttering and on-screen chemistry with Jang Ki Yong. 

Prior to the actor's new stills, SBS unveiled the actress' teaser as Ha Young Eun. 

She played the role of a fashion label's design team manager who exudes intelligence, grace, and charm. 

As seen on the still cuts, Song Hye Kyo shows off her timeless beauty while portraying the character of a stylish girl boss. 

Now, We're Breaking Up
(Photo : SBS Official Instagram)
Now, We're Breaking Up
(Photo : SBS Oficial Instagram)
Now, We're Breaking Up
(Photo : SBS Official Instagram)

"Now, We're Breaking Up" depicts the lives of the people working in the fashion industry and their various stories involving breakups and journeys to finding love. 

Apart from the two stars, the cast members include a roster of talented actors, including Choi Hee Seo, Kim Joo Heon, Nam Ki Ae with veteran actors Cha Hwa Yeon, Nam Gi Ae, Joo Jin Mo, and Choi Hong Il. 

Interestingly fans need not wait a little longer as the upcoming Kdrama is set to premiere on November 12, airing every Friday and Saturday after the conclusion of "One the Woman."

Jang Ki Yong Military Enlistment

Meanwhile, "Now, We're Breaking Up" is Jang Ki Yong's next drama after the top rating tvN fantasy series with Lee Hye Ri. 

According to reports, after completing his scenes in "Now, We're Breaking Up," the actor enlisted in the military on August 26. 

A few weeks after his military enlistment, a photo of the actor wearing his uniform circulated on the internet. 

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