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One Word Word' What Is Park Suh Joon Worrying About

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 30, 2013 12:03 AM EST


Actress Han Gu Roo revealed the real personality of actor Park Suh Joon.

A production presentation of the new SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "One Warm Word" (script Ha Myung Hee, director Choi Young Hoon) was held at the Grand Convention Center in Seoul Youngdeungpo-gu Dangsan-dong on November 29th.

On this day, Han Gu Roo said, "I met Park Su Joon for this first time in this piece.  I was a fan of MBC drama, "Come Gold." I was afraid that Park Suh Joon would be the same personality as Come Gold." and started talking.

Han Gu Roo also said, "I was also worried that he'd be really dry and not social unlike "Come Gold."  This is because I'm not too warm around strangers either.  However, in actuality, he was really nice as soon as we met and talked to me first as he had a great personality.

Moreover, Han Gu Roo said, "In the role, Park Suh Joon is really down to earth and comical unlike "Min Soo."  I was able to befriend him quickly and was able to film scenes where I quabbled with him.

Meanwhile, in "One Warm Word", Han Gu Roo is playing the role of the sister of Na Eun Jin (played by Han Hae Jin) as "Na Eun Young" and Park Suk Soon is playing the role of "Song Min Soo" .

Meanwhile, actors Han Hae Jin, Ji Jin Hee, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Sang Woo, Park Suh Joon,a nd Han Ge Roo in "One Warm Ward" is about two couples who are at risk as they tread the line as they try to keep a family together.  The two couples show an emotional thriller as they deal with real problems of a couple and show the complexities of married life.  This will be broadcast after "The Suspicious Housekeeper" on December 2nd for the first time at 10PM.

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