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Lee Min Ho Is Excited About The Ending Of "The Heirs”

BY Chin D | Dec 06, 2013 08:36 AM EST


Very much like the avid viewers of "The Heirs", Lee Min Ho is also excited about the ending of the drama.

Even as the main lead Kim Tan, Lee Min Ho is also curious as to what the ending of the drama will be. According to him, "Instead of thinking as the character Kim Tan, I'm also really curious about the drama's ending and the foreshadowing hints as a viewer."

He also praised writer Kim Eun Sook for turning simple lines to foreshadowing elements that would make the viewers look forward to the next episode. He said, "Writer Kim Eun Sook has an ability that one can't even imagine. Please look forward to "The Heirs" as the drama closes in the following week."

Meanwhile, aside from being an amazing actor, Lee Min Ho proves his versatility as a performer through his song "Painful Love" for the drama's OST and his character Kim Tan's theme song. The sad ballad expresses the heartbreak of a man who is ready to give his all for the woman he loves,

On singing the song, Lee Min Ho shared, "I'm going to sing it with emotion because I know the feeling."

Catch Lee Min Ho in "The Heirs".

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