'One Warm Word' Lee Sang Woo - The Producer Told Me To Reveal More In Acting

One Warm Word
Lee Sang Woo

Actor Lee Sang Woo talked about reactions from around him after the first episode's broadcast.

On December 9th, a press conference was held in Kyeonggi Province Il San Tan-hyundong SBS Tan Hyun Production Center for the new SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "One Warm Word" (script Ha Myung Hee, director Choi Young Hoon).  In attendance were Ji Jin Hee, Han Hae Jin, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Sang Woo and park Suh Joon.

Lee Sang Woo said, "Those near me have said that they've enjoyed the drama" and started.

Moreover, "Comedian Jung Chan Woo is promoting this well and director Jung Eul Young who was working on this earlier was encouraging said, "Reveal yourself and be more comfortable."

In the 2006 sitcom, "Will love be able to be refilled?" Lee Sang Woo and Jung Chan Woo have built a great relationship.  He has connected with Producer Jung Eul Young through SBS drama, "Life is beautiful" as producer and actor.

In "One Warm Word" Lee Sang Woo is playing the role of Na Eun Jin (played by Han Hye Jin)'s husband.  Especially with this role, Lee Sang Woo is ridding himself of his nice image and playing a rough role as he is nicknamed, "Anger Sang Woo."

Lee Sang Woo said, "In the past, I only took on nice roles but this time, I'm honest to my feelings and get upset and cranky too.  This is a role where you don't think about things and just says random words, so it's a bit harder as I'm inexperienced.  So, Jung Eul Yong said, "You need to be more comfortable and break yourself to be comfortable.  There's a lot of filming left so I'm trying to put myself out there."

In addition, Lee Sang Woo said, "I promised Chan Woo that I'd take any role before.  Chan Woo is getting different year after year.  Before, I would drink a lot but I would lose power and get weaker too. It'd be good to take care of my health and drink less" as he was worried.

Meanwhile, "One Warm Word" shows two couple who are at risk as they are trying to keep their family.  It is an emotional thriller as the drama shows realistic problems of a couple and the complexities of married life.  It will be broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.

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