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Kim Woo Bin Is All About The Bromance

BY Joan MacDonald | Jan 02, 2014 10:55 AM EST


While Kim Woo Bin may be romancing model Yoo Ji Ahn, he just can't help getting involved in bromances.

So far this year, he has been involved in bromances with Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho and now BigBang's G-Dragon has given him a love call.

After having admitted on "M! Countdown" that he is a big fan and that he wanted to meet the trend-setting singer, G-Dragon actually called him.

"Woo Bin, hello," said G-Dragon. "I'm nervous even though I'm talking to a guy."

Kim Woo Bin told G-Dragon that he wanted to get friendly with him the last time they met on the show.

"Please talk comfortably," he told G-Dragon.

"I think I am one year older than you," said G-Dragon. "I know I don't seem like a hyung, but you should call me one."

The rapper said that his plans for the coming year included getting closer to Kim Woo Bin.

As Kim Woo Bin is the year's big breakout star, it's only natural that everyone wants to get close to him.

This week Kim Woo Bin's bromances received attention at the SBS Awards and Mwave drama awards.

The SBS awards featured a segment that parodied the year's hit dramas. In their parody of "The Heirs," they re-edited footage to change the love line into one between Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin. All footage of Park Shin Hye was cut out and it looked as if the two actors were saying their dramatic lines to each other. The forbidden love that Kim Tan's father would not approve was now with Choi Young Do. Both actors laughed as they saw it. But while the whole parody was a joke, you could say that the drama was really about the relationship between the two childhood friends and what happened to resolve their alienation.

Then to further highlight Kim Woo Bin's bromantic year, the Mwave Drama awards gave Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk a Best Couple Award for their heartwarming bromance in the drama "School 2013."

The two actors took 52 percent of the Mwave poll. In fact, after that drama ended, fans were convinced that there was a real life relationship going on between the two actors and wished them well. Alas, Kim Woo Bin has been dating his model girlfriend for two years. He and Lee Jong Suk did go on to become good friends.

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