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Kim Yoo Mi, Jumps In Water Without Substitute, Wow

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 02, 2014 10:04 PM EST


Kim Yoo Mi Bawls Underwater, "Bawling without a substitute, how great~"

Kim Yoo Mi Underwater Bawling

Actress Kim Soo Mi's underwater still cut is attracting attention.

On the new JTBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Can We Love" broadcast on December 31st, the staff released the picture of Kim Yoo Mi that challenged herself with underwater acting.

On this day, Kim Yoo Mi was bawling underwater while acting.

A staff member of the drama said, "Kim Yoo Mi wanted to be centered in water so she even wore a weight as she went underwater.  To be safe, there was a substitute waiting but she was the actual actor that acted out everything herself" as she was applauded.

At Kim Yoo Mi's underwater crying, netizens said, "Kim Yoo Mi, underwater bawling, what kind of scene was it", "Kim Yoo Mi, underwater bawling, it must be hard to act", "Kim Yoo Mi, underwater bawling, she's great without a substitute" "Kim Yoo Mi, underwater bawling, it's awesome".

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