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Jennifer Lawrence Haircut Inspired By A Film Legend; 'I Look Like Mia Farrow,' Said 'American Hustle' Actress [Video]

BY Zulekha Pitts | Jan 16, 2014 11:08 AM EST


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After her daring decision to trade in her long golden locks for a short pixie haircut, Jennifer Lawrence is finally revealing who inspired the makeover.

In an interview with  W  magazine Lawrence shared how she was confident to take on the androgynous look that resembles that of a film icon.

"Whenever I start feeling like a boy, I just tell myself I look like Mia Farrow, and I'm like, 'O.K.,'" said Lawrence.

In fact, back in the peak of her career, Farrow also made a media uproar with the short haircut.

Furthermore, rumor has it that Farrow received the pixie haircut from Vidal Sasson for her role in the 1968 classic "Rosemary's Baby." Allegedly, Frank Sinatra, her husband at the time, was so disgusted with the new look that it caused him to file for divorce.

However, in a letter written to the  New York Times  last year, Farrow stressed those rumors were the farthest thing from the truth.

"I had literally cut it myself earlier that year — with a pair of fingernail scissors." she said. "This was long before I ever heard of Vidal Sassoon. My then-boyfriend, Frank Sinatra, loved the cut, and so I kept it short. (I purchased some hair scissors; then, as now, I cut it myself.)"

In 2011, Sasson told  The Hollywood Reporter  that infamous journalist Barbara Walters was so shockingly appalled by Farrow's new look that she blamed him for "making beautiful women look like boys."

Farrow set the record straight by explaining that Vidal only trimmed her 1 1/2-inch hair to 1 inch as part of a publicity stunt for 1968's "Rosemary's Baby" and included, "I intend no disrespect to Mr. Sassoon, but he had nothing to do with my haircut. Neither, I can assure you, did my divorce from Frank Sinatra have to do with my haircut."

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