'Boondocks' Season 4 Release Date Set! Adult Swim Will Air New Episode On April 21!

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"The Boondocks" season 4 release date has now been officially confirmed by Adult Swim! Some fans of the show said that the air date was January 4 based off the Adult Swim website, but it turned out to be a re-run. Now in a recent commercial by Adult Swim it is now confirmed that "The Boondocks" season 4 release date is April 21, 2014!

In a simplistic commercial with just text, music and a black ground, Adult Swim set the Boondocks season 4 release date.

The commercial starts with some music playing and then it shows a tweet by "Wesley_NOsnipez" that says

"Sooooo that new season of The Boondocks gonna air or y'all just playing with my emotions?"

The text then changes to "We can't give you any specific information" then after a few seconds that text changes to "But it airs April 21st at 10:30pm.... [@adultswim]"

This is the said video of the commercial.

So there you have it! "The Boondocks" season 4 release date is April 21, 2014!

When "The Boondocks" season 4 episode 1 release didn't air last January 4, fans took to twitter to ask Carl Jones when is "The Boondocks" season 4 going to air.

Carl Jones is a writer and producer for "The Boondocks". He is also the voice of the character "Thugnificent".

Rumors about the release date have been ramping up this month after fans thought that Adult Swim confirmed that the first episode of season 4 would air sometime in January 2014.

But a Twitter user recently asked Jones whether the Boondocks will be back this month.

"Nah," Jones replied on twitter.

Carl Jones also tweeted other people who asked him about the air date that "the date got pushed" and that "the date got changed."

"What date did it change to?" asked another Twitter user.

"Man I don't know. I will keep u posted if I hear anything," he tweeted.

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