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K-Drama Couples Who Overcame A Big Age Difference

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 17, 2014 11:08 AM EST


Does an age difference of more than seven years make or break a relationship? While it can does come with its own set of problems a seven-year-plus age difference has not kept the following k-drama couples from falling and staying in love.

There's a 12-year age difference between Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, who have been described as Korea's power couple. The age difference did create some problems early on in their relationship. When they first met, he was already established in his career and she was just starting out. He felt that his established status as an actor might interfere with her fledgling career. So, they broke up. But they could not stay apart and finally married in 2013. She has a new drama "Cunning Single Lady" and he can be seen this year in "Memories of the Sword."

So Yoo Jin, who played Jaek Hee in the early episodes of "Pretty Man" is married to a man who is 15 years her senior. Her husband Baek Jong Won is the CEO of multiple restaurant franchises. The idea may not have seemed strange to So Yoo Jin because there is a 30-year age difference between her parents and they remain happily married.

Shin Hyun Joon is the host of "Entertainment Weekly" and as an actor appeared in "Bridal Mask" and "Ohlala Couple." The 45-year-old actor is 12 years older than the music student he married last year. He met his wife on the way to his hosting gig at "Entertainment Weekly." He was walking into the building as she was leaving.

"I turned around right away to look at her and she was looking at me too," he said. It was love at first sight and they married six months later.

Lee Beom Soo, who played the prime minister in "The Prime Minister and I," was not only older than his co-star Yoona. He is 13 years older than his wife, columnist, translator and English teacher Lee Yoon Jin. She is the teacher who helped Rain improve his English skills. The couple married when she was 27 and he was 40. It was his second marriage and her first. They are currently expecting their second child.

In such relationships it's usually the men who are older than the women but occasionally it works the other way too.

Singer Baek Ji Young, who is known as the Queen of the OST, is married to actor Jung Suk Won, who appeared in "Iris II" and "Rooftop Prince." He is nine years younger than she is but the singer never found the idea all that strange.

"I come from a family where the wife is older than her husband," she said on the "Come To Play: Truman Show." "My father is five years younger than my mother."

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