Kim Kwang Gyu, "The Actual Age Difference Is Four Years!"

Really Good Times
Kim Kwang Gyu

Actor Kim Kwang Gyu talked about the role he is playing in the new KBS weekend drama "Really Good Times."

At the production presentation of the new KBS weekend drama "Really Good Times" at Seoul Kangnamgu, Imperial Palace on February 18th, Kim Kwang Gyu participated.

In the drama, Kim Kwang Gyu appears as the uncle of Lee Suh Jin (played by Kang Dong Suk).

Kim Kwang Gyu said, "I'm learning a lot.  Lee Suh Jin is a proper young man. We appear as uncle and nephew but the actual age difference is four years" and others laughed.

In addition, Kim Kwang Gyu said, "it's okay that I'm an uncle.  Before, Yoo Oh Sung who appeared in the movie "Friends" is a year older than me and I'm a teacher in there."

Drama "Really Good Times" is about a man who becomes a prosecutor and comes home after 15 years as it shows the stories.  It shows the story that occurs when they come back to their hometown and it reminds them of the meaning of family.  It is broadcast at 7:55PM on February 22nd.

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