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Why Park Yoochun Chose "Three Days"

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 26, 2014 10:46 AM EST


It has been almost a year since JYJ's Park Yoochun played a police detective trying to right the past in the melodrama "Missing You."

Since then he received plenty of scripts but none of them seemed right. That was until he read the script for "Three Days" last summer. As soon as he started reading, he knew that "Three Days" should be his next project."

"The moment I got the script I remember saying that I really wanted to star in the series," he said at a recent press conference for his new drama.

The singer-turned actor has tried several different kinds of roles since his debut four years ago in the historical drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal." He tried his hand at comedy, playing a time-transported prince in "Rooftop Prince." He played an heir in the melodrama "Miss Ripley." He even played the part of a boat crewmember in his first film "Sea Fog."

Now he is up for something different, an action thriller.

 "There are a lot of high-quality action scenes in the drama," he said. "I think it will be refreshing to watch."

However, it was working those actions scenes that resulted in a recent injury to his shoulder. Although his injury does make it difficult to move, he has postponed treatment to continue filming the drama.

Besides the chance to do action scenes, one thing that may have attracted Park Yoochun to the script was the director, Shin Kyung Soo, who co-directed "Deep-Rooted Tree." And the writer has a great reputation too. "Kim Eun-hee is writing the series. Both of the writer's previous dramas, "Ghost" and "Sign" offered interesting plot twists and an unexpected, if not upbeat, endings.

In "Three Days" Park Yoochun will play Han Tae Kyung, the president's bodyguard. Shortly after his father dies, he uncovers a conspiracy to kill the president at his country home. He rushes to warn the president but just as he arrives, three shots are fired and the president has vanished. Because he was there, he gets framed for the crime. While he is on the run Han must save the president and clear his own name.

"I am doing my best to fully capture and convey the various emotions that my character feels," said Park Yoochun, looking very serious at the press conference.

His co-stars in the series are Park Ha Sun, last seen in the action thriller "Two Weeks" and So E Hyun, last seen in the paranormal detective drama "Who Are You?"
The SBS drama will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting March 5.

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