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How Will Fans Respond To Park Yoochun's Mature Performance in "Three Days?"

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 07, 2014 08:41 AM EST


In the first two episodes of "Three Days," viewers have seen a completely different side to JYJ singer and actor Park Yoochun.

It's a tense drama in which Yoochun plays a man who is tightly laced. He lives for duty and it is only when those duties conflict that you see him express any emotion. Those duties do conflict when he is confronted with the unexpected death of his father while having to fulfill the extremely important function of a presidential bodyguard. To become a secret service agent, you have to be pretty unshakeable but Park Yoochun's character Han Tae Kyung is an exemplary agent.

He's such a good agent that he insists on trying to save the president after he has been suspended. And he insists on trying to solve his disappearance after he has been accused of trying to assassinate him.

Park Yoochun plays the character with a grim determination that shows how much he has matured as an actor. But the character he creates seems so foreign to the impression that many people have of him, it may be that some fans won't like it.

Part of his charm as an actor is how vulnerable and sensitive he seems. In "Rooftop Prince," he's a prince but one totally out of his element in a modern setting. In "Sungkyunkwan Scandal," he is a serious scholar but one unsettled by his feelings for what he thinks is a fellow male student. He earned stellar reviews for that role from both critics and the audience, earning him two acting awards.

By the time he played the charming but complex character of the heir in "Miss Ripley," viewers were impressed by how versatile an actor he was. And yet as firm and gentlemanly as his character was, his air of sadness made him vulnerable. 

In "Missing You," he played a police detective whose life is haunted by the memory of his much-regrettted choice as an adolescent. He's consumed by the need to find a love he has not seen in 15 years. That love could make him throw everything away if necessary.

Park Yoochun's character in "Three Days" is the least vulnerable of all. Or at least that's what his character seems like.

As the thriller progresses, we may get to see a chink in his armor, some of the backstory of how he became the man he is.

What do you think of his acting in this drama so far? Is this his best portrayal ever or do you like him better in a more vulnerable role. Either way, Park Yoochun fans are sure to stick with this series to see how the action plays out.

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