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Emergency Couple, Song Ji Hyo Draws Growing Pain

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 28, 2014 09:14 PM EDT


Actress Shin Da Eun delivered her comments about ending MBC weekend drama "Give Love Away".

On March 28th, Shin Da Eun said through her management company Neos Entertainment, "Eun Ha Kyung is the character that was most mature on the outside and on the inside that I have acted."

She said, "Maybe that's why I felt more responsible and I was about to find a different side of myself through Ha Kyung" as she showed off her love for "Give Love Away" that will end on March 30th.

At this, she added, "The older actors as well as the staff all worked well and we had a lot of fun filming.  Thanks to people who supported us, we were able to mature a step.  I thank everyone sincerely."

The management company also released Shin Da Eun's charismatic photo shoot in the April edition of the nail fashion magazine "Nailholic".  In the photo shoot that was carried out under the bright and lively concept of "Spring Rain", she showed a fresh and lively charisma.

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