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Emergency Couple, Song Ji Hyo Draws Growing Pain

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 28, 2014 09:16 PM EDT


"Emergency Couple" actor Song Ji Hyo is drawing out the empathy of viewers.

Currently, Song Ji Hyo is appearing in the role of Oh Jin Hee in the tvN Friday/Saturday drama "Emergency Couple."  They thought they were a match made in heaven and got married but they divorced and experienced the incidents that happened six years later when meeting with Oh Chang Min (played by Choi Jin Hyuk).

In addition, with emotional action that placed patients at priority, she dramatized the charisma of Oh Jin Hee.  Even in the most difficult situation, she didn't give up her dreams and achieved her dreams to be an intern in the emergency room and is loved by Gook Chun Soo (played by Lee Pil Mo) and Oh Chang Min to do everything possible to save a patient.

Song Ji Hyo melted into Oh Jin Hee and is showing a lovely and confident character and is drawing out empathy from men and women of all ages.

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