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Son Yeo Eun, "I Watch Secret Love Affair For the Emotions"

BY Staff Reporter | Apr 04, 2014 03:58 PM EDT


Actress Son Yeo Eun stayed out of JTBC drama "Secret Love Affair>"

On March 31st, Son Yeo Eun had an interview with a reporter about the recently ended SBS weekend drama "Thrice Married Woman."

On this day, Son Yeo Eun said, "I like movies a lot but because I had to be in character in the drama I am behind in movies."

In addition, "I started learning jazz piano before filming "Thrice Married Woman" but I quit.  I studied composition and I think I have to finish that up."

In the drama, Son Yeo Eun surprised many with surprising piano skills and actually had majored in the piano.  As the story of the piano came out, Son Yeo Eun talked about the topic of "Classic piano" that is the central motif of 'Secret Love Affair."

Son Yeo Eun said, "I watched the first two episodes of "Secret Love Affair." They show their emotions through piano performances and I liked how the lyrics lead to the expressions in the drama.  I have time now so I'm going to have to follow up on this" as she recognized that she was a fan of "Secret Love Affair."

Meanwhile, in the drama "Thrice Married Woman", Son Yeo Eun plays the role of wife "Chae Rin" of Jung Tae Won (played by Song Chang Yi) and is loved by viewers.

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