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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Easter Eggs And References: Superman, Moon Knight, Dr Strange, Pulp Fiction And More!

By Staff Writer | Apr 08, 2014 09:33 AM EDT


Marvel is known for stuffing their movies with references, easter eggs and cameos and Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not an exception. Check out some of the easter eggs and references shown in the movie! Read on!

When Agent Sitwell is being given a rooftop interrogation by Captain America, Falcon and Black Widow, he reveals HYDRA's plan to target and eliminate all men and women who could one day pose a threat to their organization. Sitwell mentioned Stephen Strange aka Dr. Strange, the sorcerer supreme.

Stephen Strange isn't the only character alluded to in Sitwell's rambling, making mention of "a valedictorian in Iowa City" and a man located in Cairo, Egypt. Marvel fans know that mentioning Cairo in the marvel comic book universe points to only one man: Moon Knight.

A former mercenary transformed into the Egyptian Moon-god's physical avatar, Marc Spector would go on to become a vengeful spirit called the Moon Knight!

Another referenced dropped in the movie is the full blown appearance of the Avengers tower!

When 'Anthony Stark' is found by the helicarriers, an image is displayed of what appear to be Stark Tower in downtown New York City, still sporting the 'A' from the aftermath of The Avengers' Chitauri invasion.

But according to the directors, this is not Stark Tower being shown, but the fully-fledged Avengers Tower from the comic books.

One funny thing that appeared on Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a direct reference to Samuel L. Jackson's character, Jules in Pulp Fiction. The bible verse shown in Nick Fury's tombstone is the bible verse quoted by Jules in the now infamous scene in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. So when Steve Rogers is shown visiting the "grave" of Fury, his headstone bears a single epitaph: "'The path of the righteous man,' - Ezekiel 25:17." 

And finally, when Captain America was in the Apple Store, he only had his glasses to cover up his identity as Steve Rogers. Who else does this? Superman does! People make fun of the Superman mythos because Clark Kent only dons the glasses to hide his identity but apparently, in the Marvel cinematic universe, it works too!

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