GTA V PC Confirmed! Release Date Announcement At E3 2014 Rumored! Will Grand Theft Auto 5 Come To PS4 And Xbox One As Well?


GTA V PC version inbound? It seems so after Rockstar "bailed" on showing something GTA V related on the "Destination Playstation" event at Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dualshockers reported that Rockstar had something amazing to show but bailed at the last minute. Expect an E3 announcement from them this year. They followed it up by saying it could be the GTA V release for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

GTA V PC version is one thing that has been asked over and over again by PC gamers everywhere. This has led to various rumors to retailers posting estimates of when GTA V will be released to PC but it should be noted that retailers can't confirm release dates.

Suspicious Grand Theft Auto 5 PC release date beta emails are being sent out to players and a few online criminals are trying to get users to download a malware called "BKDR_ANDROM.ATG" by disguising it as a code to get into the online play test for the rumored computer version of GTA 5, reports. Luckily they were easily caught.

However those who are wondering if a GTA V PC version exists at all can rest easy now as someone discovered on a recent bug list and on the game code that not only there is a PC version of the game but it will support DX11 and 64bit memory!

According to Teo Borconi of The Gamer Headlines, Some new leaked information revealed that a GTA V PC version is in development. A recent 150 page long bug-log has emerged, showing stages of development for multiple versions of GTA V, including a GTA V PC version. The logs contain various indications that a PC version for the game is indeed in works, such as a line proving the existence of a DX11 version of the game client.

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