Fan Sends Kim Soo Hyun A Love Note In The Form Of A Full Page Ad


Since he finished filming the hit series, "You Who Came from The Stars" Kim Soo Hyun has had more time to interact with his fans. And that has been a good thing.

When the actor shot a recent Gucci fashion spread, he spoke about his life after "You Who Came From The Stars" and how much he liked interacting with fans.

"Since the drama ended, I have enjoyed communicating with fans while touring Asia," said Kim Soo Hyun.

The actor finished his fan tour on May 18 in Japan. He met with fans in seven countries, including Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. The fan events attracted a total of 50,000 fans.

When his fan tour ended, he felt he was sad it was over.

But his fans won't forget the star so easily. And they will do what they can to let him know how loyal they are. Fans are already requesting more meetings.

One surprising demonstration of the devotion that the actor inspires was the full-page ad run this week by an anonymous woman in China.

Referring to herself only as Cecilia, the woman paid for an advertisement wishing Kim Soo Hyun well in the Baeksang Awards. He is nominated for two awards for the drama cetagory, one for excellence in acting and the other for popularity. He is also nominated for two film awards

Here's what the anonymous ad said.

 "Dear Soo-hyun, love and support you forever! I wish Soo Hyun get awards on the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards. Cecilia."

It's not the first time that k-drama fans have posted an ad for their bias but it's usually a collaborative effort between several fans. This may be the first time that a single person posted an ad for a k-drama celebrity. A single page ad can cost as much as $40,000.

Kim Soo Hyun's agency KeyEast did not have any more information on the ad.

"All we know is that a Chinese fan posted the ad. Even for us it is amazing to see that she did it," said a KeyEast representative.

His devoted fan Cecilia will be happy to hear that the actor won the best new actor award in the film segment of the Baeksang awards. He was nominated for his performance in 2013 film "Secretly, Greatly.

She may also enjoy seeing his fashion spread which will appear in the May and June issues of several magazines, including Marie Claire (Taiwan and Korea), Femina (China), Elle Man (Hong Kong), and Me (Hong Kong).

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