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Jung Woong In: The Man Viewers Love To Hate Takes On "Endless Love"

BY Julie Jones | Jun 03, 2014 01:56 PM EDT


The new drama “Endless Love” recently released its first trailer and it briefly features the villain who will help make life difficult for the main characters. Viewers don’t even have to see his entire face to know which actor will play the villain. That menacing curling lip is so familiar that it may cause viewers to shudder.
Jung Woong In plays the bad guy and he already haunts viewers’ k-drama nightmares. He played Min Joon Guk, the man who murdered Park Soo Ha’s father in the courtroom drama “I Hear Your Voice.” And he played Yeom Bung Su, one of the last villains left to defeat in the saeguk “Empress Ki.” Viewers probably lost count of the number of times that he tried to kill Ha Ji Won’s character.
He doesn’t always play a bad guy but he’s so good at it, he could easily get typecast. In his almost 20 years of drama and film roles, he has played a detective, a father who has to say goodbye to his family, a selfish older brother and an ex who becomes the subject of revenge.
Descriptions for the drama don’t even mention his character Park Young Tae so it’s hard to know how evil his character will be. The drama spans a few decades and includes a love triangle. Ryu Soo Young plays Han Gwang Hoon, the ambitious eldest son of a poor family. Hwang Jung Eum plays Seo In Ae, a woman who wants to revenge her mother’s death. Jung Kyung Ho is Han Kwang Chul, Gwang Hoon’s younger brother. Both brothers are in love with Seo In Ae.
In the drama’s trailer, Ryu Seung Young places a kiss on Hwang Jung Eum’s forehead and then Jung Kyung Ho gets involved in a terrible accident. Did Jung Woong In’s character have anything to do with causing this accident? If his past few villainous roles are any indicator, he’s probably guilty.
Netizens have commented online that they cannot look at the actor without feeling slightly ill due to his convincing performance as a villain. But others said that was just the mark of what a fine actor he truly is. If he can make you believe he is really a bad guy, that’s acting at its best.
The 40-episode drama follows “Angel Eyes” on June 21. Here’s the trailer. Let us know what you think of this drama and Jung Woong In’s bad guy roles.

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