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Jo Seung Woo And Lee Byung Hun Cast Together?

BY Staff Reporter | Jun 05, 2014 10:50 PM EDT

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Actor Jo Seung Woo (34 years old) and Lee Byung Hun (44 years old) will be in the movie "Insiders" (director Woo Min Ho) and collaborating.

According to the distributor Showbox on June 4th, Jo Seung Woo and Lee Byung Hun have been confirmed as protagonists in the movie "Insiders."

"Insiders" is a movie with the original webtoon piece writer Yoon Tae Ho's piece as the inspiring piece.  The movie is grounded in our society and reports on the most deepest sides of our society and the corruption of that needs to be reported.

In the movie, Jo Seung Woo plays the role of prosecutor Woo Jang Hoon who is the main character of a corrupt politican.  Lee Byung Hun is the role of a political gang member Ahn Sang Goo.

At the meeting between two great actors, netizens have been showing great expectations from the get go. Netizens said, "Jo Seung Woo is the prosecutor, Lee Byung Hun is the gang so how new."  "I'm so crusiou about the content and I want to looka t this." "Jo Seung Woo's movie is something that I haven't seen in a while." "I look forward to this" and showed resposnes.

The movie will be cranking in this summer with the goal to be released next year.

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