Heroes Reborn News: Peter Petrelli Won't Be Coming Back For Next Season! Find Out Why

Heroes Reborn
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It was previously reported that "Heroes Reborn" will return to the small screen in 2015. Although the show's official Twitter announced one original cast member's return (Noah Bennet, aka, Horn-Rimmed Glasses or HRG), and NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke also teased fans with a recast of other "Heroes" stars, Milo Ventimiglia has confirmed that he won't be reprising his role as Peter Petrelli.

Ventimiglia replied in the negative to a fan who asked if he would be part of the Tim Kring's series spinoff. Many speculations arose as to why the one of the show's star superhero wasn't coming back.

According to the International Business Times' theories, Ventimiglia would have conflicting schedules should he accept the old role. Though fans may not see him in "Heroes Reborn," the multi-talented actor will be in several movies. He's set to appear in "Walter," "Wild Card," "Tell Me," and "Mad Town." He will also play John Doe/Drew in the TV series "The Whispers."

Another reason that the IBT speculates is that Ventimiglia might still be quite cautious of working with ex-girlfriend Hayden Panettiere, who played immortal cheerleader Claire Bennet. Though the actress has not confirmed her return as Claire in the new series, rumors of bad blood between the ex-lovers might be holding Ventimiglia back.

Finally, the IBT thinks executive producer Kring might be looking for a fresher approach in this spinoff. He previously announced that he wanted to take the new show in a different direction from the first. The new storyline might not include Peter Petrelli's character.

Even though the "Pathology" star won't be returning to "Heroes Reborn" as Peter Petrelli, he does wish Jack Coleman and the show's production team the best.

NBC has confirmed original cast member Jack Coleman to play his old role as the ambiguous Mr. Bennet through Twitter. "Heroes Reborn" will be shown as a 13-episode mini-series, slotted for a midseason premiere at MBC in 2015.

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