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Jun Ji Hyun's TV Ad Accused Of Plagiarism

BY Chin D | Jul 14, 2014 11:07 AM EDT


Actress Jun Ji Hyun faces another CF controversy.

Earlier, Jun Ji Hyun received major public backlash after appearing in a Chinese water drink advertisement which names the water source as Mount Jangbaishan instead of the Korean name Mount Baekdusan.

This time, Kloud Beer, a company she is advertising for, is facing plagiarism accusations for releasing an advertisement similar to international brand Gucci's 2013 commercial starring actress Blake Lively.

Netizens were quick to point out that the high class setup overlooking the city, background music, Lively and Jun Ji Hun's gold dresses and hair, and exit walk were all similar.

Gucci's ad was released in August 2013, while Kloud's ad was released in early May this year.

However, Daehong Communications, the company responsible for the ad, denied accusations. In an official statement released to Dispatch on July 14, they explained, "The Kloud advertisement was purely our work.  It was not a plagiarized concept or a homage. We haven't even seen the Gucci version prior to making the ad."

They further stated, "To be honest, the setup of having a female celebrity entering a party is similar to other commercials we've made. In addition, the gold dress was chosen because it's a beer ad, and beer is gold.

Was the commercial plagiarized? Check out the videos, and tell is what you think in the comment box below!

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