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The Stars in "Modern Farmer" Give Up On The Glamorous Life

BY Julie Jones | Jul 16, 2014 02:13 PM EDT


Being a star may seem glamorous but the characters in one upcoming drama decide it cannot compare with the good honest life of a farmer. So the characters in "Modern Farmer" decide to give up music and try the country life.

In the coming SBS weekend drama, the character played by musicians-turned-actors Lee Hongki and Kim Jae Hyun will tire of touring and recording and try life as musicians-turned-farmers.

"Modern Farmer" is a comedy about musicians who belong to a band called Excellent Souls, which is shortened to EXO or EX-SO. Their leader, the genius musician Lee Min Ki, played by Lee Hongki, convinces them to grow cabbages instead.

It's not the first time Lee Hongki has played a member of the band. He previously played a musician in the band ANJELL in the comedy "You're Beautiful" and he played a bad-tempered pop star in the film "Rockin' on Heaven's Door." He was also recently cast in the title role of a musical version of "Dracula." And his last drama "Bride of the Century" was a big hit in China, further boosting his international popularity.

This may be Kim Jae Hyun's first acting credit but it won't be the first time he plays music with Lee Hongki. The N.Flying drummer played with Lee Hongki's band FT Island during a Singapore concert. FNC Entertainment represents both musicians.

Also joining the drama's cast are AOA's Mina and actor and "Roommates" member Park Min Woo.

Mina previously had roles in "Puberty Medley" and played Kim Hee Sun's child in "Wonderful Days." In "Modern Farmer" she will play a girl who moves to the countryside for health reasons. While trying to recuperate in the country she meets the former musicians who have become cabbage farmers.

Park Min Woo, who played one of the flower boys in "Flower Boy Ramen Shop," has taken the role of the band's keyboard player. Drama descriptions say he is also going to play a cynical medical student but it's not clear yet whether that means he's playing one character with a split personality or two characters that look alike.

He's currently appearing on "Roommates," a reality show in which celebrities live together in one house.

Director Oh Jin Suk, who directed "Goddess of Marriage," will direct "Modern Farmer" and writer Kim Gi Ho, who worked on "Roller Coaster" and "Blue Tower," has written the screenplay.

The 20-episode drama is set to premiere on Oct. 18.


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