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Lee Joon Gi Wants His Character To Die In 'The Joseon Gunman'

BY Chin D | Jul 23, 2014 01:27 PM EDT


For the sake of a memorable ending, actor Lee Joon Gi wants his character to die.

On June 22, KBS drama "The Joseon Gunman" held a press conference, and lead actor Lee Joon Gi talked about his character in the drama.

Lee Joon Gi said, "My character Park Yoon Gang is a character born during a time in history when the people are facing different conflict, and his struggle reflects the emotions of people present during the time period."

"He becomes a hero who focuses on helping, rather than immerse himself in his personal revenge, and I am portraying him in a way that shows the emotions of the youth during that period in time."

On his character's possible future, he said, "Personally, I want my character to face death, but all of the characters I've portrayed until now have been heroes, and all of them were spared in the end because of open endings."

He continued, "The production team explained to me that they didn't want to viewers to feel depressed over my character's death, and therefore leaving a depressing feel for the conclusion of the drama, so they'll be opting for an open ending.

"I understand where they're coming from, but I would like for the drama's ending to be concrete and absolute. Please anticipate the ending of the drama," the actor concluded.

Catch Lee Joon Gi in "The Joseon Gunman" on KBS.


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